Southland Architecture

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Formerly known as Los Angeles Airport
Los Angeles Municipal Airport
Mines Field
1 World Way
Los Angeles, California 90045
Basic Information
Type Transportation Facility
Neighborhood: Westchester
More Information
  • During World War II the airport was taken over by the Army and Navy. They constructed war planes at the field, but camouflaged their work so that from the air it looked like a farm, not a military installation.
  • In 1942 a temporary terminal was erected. This remained in service until 1961.
  • LAX didn't make any money until 1952. It never lost money after that.
  • July, 2001: A mural at Los Angeles International Airport is causing quite a stir. It is composed of muscular naked men and is sandblasted into the granite floor of the American Airlines terminal. Some fear it will offend people at the busy airport, but it was approved by the city's Cultural Affairs Department.
  • 2 July, 2002: The mayor of Los Angeles unveils a US$9,000,000,000.00 plan to renovate the airport to reduce congestion, improve security, and allow it to handle more large jets. Half of the price tag will be paid for by airlines through increased fees. The rest will be paid for by taxpayers through increased fees.