Southland Architecture

Los Angeles Central Library

630 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, California 90071
Basic Information
Designed by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and Carleton Monroe Winslow
Type Educational Facility
Neighborhood: Downtown Los Angeles
More Information
  • The library appeared on the logo for the Miss Los Angeles fruit company.
  • The library used a branding iron to mark its important books the way cowboys mark cattle. Some of the institution's older books still bear this fire mark.
  • According to a Hopi Indian legend, one of the 13 underground cities built by lizard people along the Pacific coast is beneath the Central Library and runs to Dodger Stadium. According to the fable, the subterranean cities were constructed after a holocaust around 3,000 BC. The lizard people supposedly possessed the first history books, telling the history of the world since its creation. Naturally, these words were marked in gold tablets.