Pacific Financial Center in Los Angeles

Photo of Pacific Financial Center in Los Angeles, California
Photograph Wayne Lorentz

Navidad en Las Vegas

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Pacific Financial Center

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A building that can't decide what it wants to be. Is it a brutalist monstrosity? Is it a sleek post-maden glass tower? Is it a giant barcode in the sky?

This buiding combines vertical shafts of dark glass with concrete trunks to create a the skyscraper equivalent of one of those children's picture puzzles where the image seems to animate as you change its angle.

And this buildig is all about angles. Instead of being boring stripes of contrasting materials, the buildingis riddled with shafts that are lined by both materials, creating an epic number of prestigious corner offices, while concealing necessary utility shafts and other required conventions.

Quick Facts
  • Floor space: 213,079 square feet
  • Parking: 100 spaces
  • This was one of the filming locations for the 1980 movie Nine to Five.
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