Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

Photo of Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California
LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl Courtesy: Hollywood Bowl/LACVB, PictureLA.com By: Hollywood Bowl

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Hollywood Bowl

2301 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, California, Cahuenga Pass 90068
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A world-famous amphitheater, many people don't realize that the Hollywood Bowl is actually the work of nature, not man. The word "bowl"comes from the natural landscape, not the proscenium that the musicians perform in. Earthquakes and erosion carved a bowl into Bolton Canyon, and in the early 20th century, some forward-looking people thought it would make a perfect hollow from which to introduce people to the world of fine art. The first audiences sat on simple wooden benches along the hillside while the Los Angeles Philharmonic played below. From those humble beginnings a great structure arose. There have been a number of bandshells erected on the site over the years; some of them lasting only months. Two were designed by the eldest son of Frank Lloyd Wright. The history of the bowl is documented in its own museum, which is free to the public. These days audiences waiting for a performance to begin are puzzled by the giant fiberglass spheres hanging near the stage. These were installed in 1980 to improve the bowl's already impressive acoustics.

Quick Facts
  • In 1928 composer and musician Percy Grainger married Ella Viola Strom at the bowl.
  • June, 2004: The Hollywood Bowl re-opens after a $24,000,00.00 renovation. For the fifth time since 1922, the bandshell is replaced. This time, an acoustical ceiling is added so the performers can hear themselves. It also supports lighting and other technical equipment.
  • Because of the weather in southern California, only a tiny percentage of the performances have ever been canceled.
  • Largest paid audience: 26,410 for French opera star Lily Pons.
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